When:May 1, 2019
Time:7:00 pm - 8:30 pm
Cost: $15 (Plus Applicable Service Fees)


Every 1st Wednesday of the month at eTown Hall - 3 songwriters taking turns sharing their songs. Local original music in a curated community experience, accompanied by live painting. Hosted by Theresa Peterson.


Shanna in a Dress

Shanna In a Dress - eTown

Shanna in a Dress is a witty and wordy songstress whose folk pop tunes and candid stage presence will stick in your ears and heart long after her set ends. You'll laugh one moment and cry the next as she delivers a touch of humor mixed with cleverly relatable lyrics all wrapped up in a sweet voice.


Oliver Jacobson

Oliver Jacobson - eTown

Oliver Jacobson is a fiddle player, guitarist, and vocalist brought up in Boulder CO and blending an eclectic range of styles from rock to gipsy jazz, folk to soul and back again. He plays solo and with a ranging cast of characters along the front range. Music from the soul and songs from the heart, Oliver Jacobson seeks to share a story and take you somewhere far away.


Shelly Rollison

Shelly Rollison - eTown

Shelly Rollison is an alternative rock/folk artist based in Denver, CO. She picked up a guitar in junior high and hasn’t stopped playing since, but music was always in the background. It wasn’t until recently in her early thirties that she began to truly delve into singing and songwriting. Better late than never.

Shelly’s first solo acoustic EP, Mountains, released in 2016. She spent 2016 getting her feet wet performing in Denver, all the while writing new songs and falling in love with all the beautiful people making music and baring their souls through their art in Denver.

In May 2018 she released her EP Cardiac Flashback and just last month she released a single What the Water Gave.


Live Painting by Sarai Snyder