eTown – Talking About Inconvenient Topics For More Than Two Decades

Not to blatantly reference Al Gore’s controversial and debated film, An Inconvenient Truth, but I couldn’t think of a better word to use other than “Inconvenient.” They pretty much nailed the descriptor when they chose that word to use in the film’s title. I’ve been thinking about this quite a bit lately, in light of recent events in my hometown of Chattanooga, TN. You see, I’m getting the feeling that here in America; we have grown way too accustomed to the concept of convenience. We have hundreds of new ways to share and receive information these days, but we are still too often afraid to talk about difficult topics. We ask – “Is it too soon?” – merely as a way to skirt the tough issues that are often found underneath the surface of any given tragedy. When we have mass shooters killing folks every week in towns around the country, why is it always “too soon” to talk about the real issues surrounding gun violence, like mental health and our ever expanding attitude that the solution to gun violence is to throw more guns at the problem? When we have environmental catastrophes, why is it always “too soon” to talk about clean energy options and stronger regulations on our old/outdated methods for energy production?

Isn’t “too soon” better than “too late”? I think so.

Let’s face it folks, most of our mainstream media is being controlled by special corporate and political interests that want to shape and mold these conversations in their favor. It’s hard to know what the spin is on any given story unless you really pay close attention.

I have to say that I am proud to work for an independent voice like eTown in this dogfight. Sure there is always lots of great music on the show every week, but what really keeps me coming to work everyday is the fact that eTown has been talking about “inconvenient” issues surrounding the environment and our communities for nearly 25 years now. I feel right at home with Nick and Helen and the eTown community, and commend the organization and its founders for being willing to talk about sustainability and being a good neighbor for all of these years. We need positive voices that are promoting common sense change and stewardship now, more than ever!

LSD_Eilen_aftershowEnough of my soapbox for now! Head on over to our broadcast page and give this week’s episode a listen. We’ve got Lake Street Dive and Eilen Jewell with us, plus a really cool eChievement Award story about a man who came up with away to generate money for sick children by playing video games. How does he do that? Listen and find out.


– Zack