Racquel Garcia – Helping Everyone Recover

In the Summer of 2013, The Black Forest Fire tore across Central Colorado, it as the most destructive fire in the state’s history, destroying many thousands of acres of land and displacing more than five hundred families. Though Racquel Garcia and her family were spared that misfortune, two families in her daughter’s circle of friends lost their homes and all of their possessions. Racquel felt compelled to find a way to help them get back on their feet.

In just ten days, with the help of social media, supportive friends, and local businesses, Racquel filled her garage half full of clothing, furniture, and so much more. Thanks to the support of so many, Racquel and her community were able to help nearly 85 families start again through the Black Forest Marketplace at the Sundance Mountain Athletic Center in Monument, Colorado.

As often happens when you take the first step, what started as a one-time effort on behalf of a few has continued to evolve and grow into a community-wide program helping many families through all kinds of hard times. Helping Everyone Recover is more than just a place to get things, it is a comforting place to begin recovery and rebuild lives.

Listen to Racquel’s interview with our host Nick Forster below to learn more about her continued efforts to help families in her community.