Love Live Music But Want to Stay Sober?

Grassroots sobriety clubs are sprouting up nationwide, making substance-free partying more fun than ever, alongside passionate, engaged music lovers.

Check out some clean and sober music fan organizations:

The Wharfrats – Clean and sober fans of the Grateful Dead and offshoots.

The Phellowship – Clean and sober fans of Phish.

The Jellyfish – Clean and sober fans of The String Cheese Incident.

The Gateway – Clean and sober fans of Widespread Panic.

Happy Hour Heroes – Clean and sober fans of moe.

Digital Buddhas – Clean and sober fans of The Disco Biscuits.

Soberoo – Clean and sober Bonnaroo attendees

Sober Side – Clean and sober Lollapalooza attendees

Soberchella – Clean and sober Coachella attendees.

Camp Traction – Clean and sober camping at festivals.

This is not an exhaustive list—as there are many more clean and sober music going groups. Almost every festival and major event has a group that helps fans party safe and enjoy their experience to the fullest, so look out for these supportive, fun-loving organizations. Have fun out there and party safe!