Even More Thoughts on Spring . . Plus, this week’s show with Paul Thorn & Ruthie Foster

IMG_1967Hi all! Our spring themed blogs continue (third one in a row now . . what does this tell us? We’ve  definitely collectively got seasonal change on the brain here in eTown).

Check out this photo I took last week while out for a walk around the neighborhood. Wild . . it was still March! As I write this, it’s currently in the 70’s, but snow is on the way in a few days. Yup. That’s springtime in the Rockies. We tend to have what you might call ‘bipolar weather’ here, with lots of temperature swings (it drives us all crazy; most of us are actually craving summer at this point). And this week is no different. We’ll be experiencing cold again soon unfortunately. However, the good news is this week’s eTown broadcast’s line up is HOT.

IMG-1080One of our favorite singer/songwriters, Paul Thorn is back with us, bringing his compelling mix of Americana, country, blues and Southern rock. Paul is an uber-smart, down-to-earth guy with an interesting and colorful past (former professional boxer, son of a preacher and nephew of a pimp . . those are all just a part of his rather extensive bio). And he is, in a word, FUNNY. The conversation alone with Nick is way worth tuning in for.

Also with us: Gifted Grammy Award winning, soulful blues singer and songwriter Ruthie Foster. Ruthie’s been with us for several shows now, and each time just gets better. She’ll rock the house.

Ruthie for blogThe award story this week is pretty amazing, too, about a husband-and-wife duo providing much needed clean water to people in Haiti, impacting the lives of countless people.

So, unlike the weather here in eTown, it’s a solid, consistent sizzler of a show this week. I hope you’ll tune in.

– Helen