Reinventing Musical Conventions – This Week’s Episode

Time and time again, I’m surprised by how awesome a band sounds, when I walk into production for an eTown taping with little previous knowledge of that act. This week we are digging back into the archives an unearthing a show we originally taped and aired back in 2013, with newcomers Lord Huron, and returning eTown-er Joseph Arthur.

DSC_1272Lord Huron really blew me away. Their sound is about as cinematic as it gets, with each song painting pictures in my head of vast landscapes and visual emotions. I love it when bands re-invent the sounds of what particular instrumental combinations are capable of pulling off. In particular, I was drawn to the drummer’s unconventional setup, and he didn’t disappoint at all throughout the evening. This band provides perhaps some of the most creative and original sounding music I’ve heard in quite some time, and I’m now a big fan.

DSC_1011Also with us is singer/songwriter and visual artist Joseph Arthur, who makes his second appearance in eTown on this episode. Joseph bleeds creativity in everything he does, and it was a real treat to have him back with us. His songs are smart, and can cover the range between humorous and dark effortlessly. In addition, he brought more of his hand-painted guitars with him this time around, which are just as much of a site to behold, as they are to hear. Be sure to check out the videos below to get a visual of his creations.

Along with lots of great music and conversation with this week’s visiting artists, we have a great eChievement Award story about a South Carolinian who came up with a way to grow gardens of fresh vegetables and produce for folks not fortunate enough to have the space to grow their own.

It’s a solid hour of ‘feel good’ entertainment again this week. Be sure to tune in, download the free podcast and check out the behind-the-scenes videos.
Until next week –