Giving Thanks This Week

It feels good to have weeks like this holiday week. While so much is made about the food and the travel associated with the Thanksgiving holiday, the real focus should be to step back and look around and give thanks for the world around us – for family, friends, co-workers, the beautiful places in the world – and, of course, the gift of music!

This week we are dipping into the archives to bring out a great encore episode (originally recorded back in 2013) that will certainly warm a few burners on your internal stove.

Brett Dennen and Sera CahooneFirst up, singer/songwriter Brett Dennen is with us. Brett has been on the show with us several times since he got his start. He’s become a great friend to all of us here at eTown, and we are always glad to have him with us. This time around, Brett visits us to share some introspective songs from his latest release – inspired by the time he is currently spending in the mountains of California. Not only does Brett’s music fit right into the eTown glove, he also lives and breathes eTown’s core value of finding ways to make positive differences out there in the world. Very cool guy!

Brett Dennen and Sera CahooneAlso with us is songstress Sera Cahoone, who shares her dark and beautiful songs as a solo performer, and as well with a little back up action from the eTones. Interestingly, Sera started her musical path as a drummer, before embarking on the songwriting side. She played drums on the Band of Horses first record, and (according to her) still uses her drumming chops to assist with her songwriting process.

We also have a great eChievement Award story as well – all wrapped up nicely for you to enjoy this week.

All of us here at eTown wish you a beautiful and (hopefully) relaxing week this week. We are thankful for each and every one of you that tunes in on the radio, watches us on YouTube or grabs the podcast each week! Without you (the listener) we could not do what we do. So thanks!


Happy Thanksgiving!

– Zack