eTown Interview – Sarah Jackson (Casa de Paz – Aid for Immigrants & Families)

Casa de Paz - eTown Interview

Several years ago Sarah Jackson went on a trip to the US/Mexico border with a humanitarian aid organization working on immigration issues. She spoke with people who had been deported, learned about people’s reasons for migrating and heard the dangers they face in doing so. She saw first-hand families being separated.

Then she returned to Colorado and couldn’t return to her normal life after this experience. She decided to do something about it because she believes families should be together. So she opened Casa de Paz.

Casa de Paz - eTown Interview

Casa de Paz is a hospitality home for families affected by immigrant detention. They provide free housing, transportation, a phone to call families and food for their guests. Their house is located directly across the street from the immigrant detention center in Aurora, CO making it easily accessible to those who stay with them. For anyone coming into town to visit a loved one who is detained, or have just been released from the immigrant detention center, Casa de Paz is there for them. They open the doors to their home because they believe in the dignity of all people and the reunification of families.

To keep the doors of the Casa open, Sarah started Volleyball Internacional. 100% of the profit from the volleyball league is donated to the Casa and used to pay the operating expenses.

Sarah’s hope and prayer is to help ease the isolating experience of immigrant detention, one simple act of love at a time.


Welcome immigrants affected by immigration detention centers and provide basic help in transition to their families.

Casa de Paz - eTown Interview


Contribute to the peace and stability of immigrants in the United States.


Love, Unconditional Service, Justice, Honesty, Respect, Inclusion

Casa de Paz - eTown Interview


Recently Casa de Paz hosted the Reunite Families Fundraiser at Cerveceria Colorado and donated to put the families who were separated at the border back together again! Together, they raised $16,414! The money will be used to:

  • Pay bonds of detained moms and dads so they can be released and reunite with their children
  • Pay transportation costs of reuniting these parents and children
  • Send calling cards to parents who are still detained so they can locate and speak with their children

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