Transform Your Suffering To Health and Happiness In The Source Healing Field!

Transform Your Suffering To Health and Happiness In The Source Healing Field!​

June 1 – 3, 2018 @ eTown Hall

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Tao is the Source. The Source Healing Field is created by unique Tao Calligraphies written by Master Zhi Gang Sha, world-renowned healer, Spiritual Master and sole lineage holder of Yi Bi Zi (Oneness) calligraphy. Align with Oneness through Tao Calligraphy to restore balance to all aspects of life. The Source Healing Field and Tao Calligraphy are a unique breakthrough healing modality. Each Tao Calligraphy is infused with Source Light Transmissions that carry the highest frequency and vibration for extraordinary healing, blessing and transformation.

Do you suffer from pain, sickness or blockages in any part of your life?

Experience the healing, blessing and transformative power of the Source Oneness Field!

• Heal physical pain
• Relieve chronic and life-threatening illnesses
• Balance your emotions
• Boost your energy, stamina and vitality
• Rejuvenate your heart, mind and body
• Open your heart to self-love
• Harmonize your relationships
• Transform your finances and business
• Open and further open your spiritual channels
• Create inner stillness, peace and joy
• Bring success to every aspect of your life!

You will be empowered to activate the power within the Tao Calligraphies through simple, joyful practices to clear your blockages to health and happiness!

You will have a special opportunity to receive Tao Source transmissions to accelerate your healing and transformation!

Take a huge step toward the health and happiness you deserve!

Step into the Source Healing Field…Unblock your life!

Master Allan Chuck

Master Allan Chuck - eTown

Master Teacher of Tao Academy™, Source Healing Field Master and Tao Calligraphy Grandmaster Healer

Master Allan Chuck is one of the leading Certified Master Teachers of Tao Academy™ and a Worldwide Representative of Master Sha. Master Allan has traveled extensively in the U.S., Canada, Europe and Asia and is recognized as an inspiring teacher and a profound agent of change. He takes healing and personal transformation into the quantum dimension of soul over matter. As the editor of all of Master Sha’s 24 best-selling books, he is able to share his deep understanding in ways that are accessible and empowering to all.

Dr. and Master Sha

Master Allan Chuck - eTown
Dr. and Master Sha, a medical doctor in China, doctor of traditional Chinese Medicine in China and Canada, Shu Fa Jian (National Chinese Calligrapher Master) and Yan Jiu Yuan (Honorable Researcher Professor), the highest title a calligrapher can receive. As the founder of the Institute of Soul Healing and Enlightenment™, Tao Institute™, and the Love Peace Harmony Foundation™, Master Sha was honored in 2006 with the prestigious Martin Luther King, Jr. Commemorative Commission Award for his humanitarian efforts to promote love, peace and harmony worldwide.