Thoughts on Global Warming . . and Details About Our HOT Show This Week

Sigh. It’s snowing. Again. Check out these photos from my backyard:

IMG_1895This has been one heck of a winter so far for many parts of the country, Colorado being one of them. Not many people know this, but March generally is, on average, the biggest snowfall month for our great state, followed closely by, oddly enough, April (strange I know but its those one or two late spring blizzards we tend to get in April that make that a fact). This winter, though, only a few days into the month of March, I’m told we’ve already had as much snow here in Colorado as we sometimes get in a season. Yikes.

That of course pales in comparison with what the poor folks in Boston, New York and other east coast communities are dealing with. But still, it’s significant.

Now, some people will use the fact that our winter weather in general seems to be getting more and more extreme to try to claim that global warming is a myth – they say “How can our winters be so cold and harsh if there’s global warming?” Of course the majority of scientists and experts continue to point out that climate change caused by global warming negatively impacts our weather patterns overall (resulting in hotter, longer, drier summers as well as colder, more severe winters). But try to explain that to Rush Limbaugh.

I’ve always wondered why we as a nation (read: our government) still haven’t embraced alternative fuel sources and energy sources as a concept to actively aim for. I mean, I have to say to those who claim ‘the jury is still out’: Why would you even take a chance on maintaining the status quo, if global warming is even a slight possibility? Where’s the harm in throwing the type of financial subsidies toward alternative energy research and development that oil, gas and ethanol industries have enjoyed for years (and in some cases for decades)? At the very least we create much needed jobs, not just in research but in execution (think solar panel manufacturing and installation, the building of windmills, etc. etc. Its endless if you think about it). We could at the very least be reducing our need for fossil fuels, right? And call me overly optimistic, but I believe that American ingenuity rocks . . so maybe we could eventually, given a concerted, united effort, even one day replace fossil fuels completely. Goodbye dependence on foreign oil . . . that has a nice ring. Something I can continue to hope for.

Anyways, as I sit in my cozy little office here at eTown world headquarters (heated with solar energy), I can see the huge thick snowflakes falling outside my window (probably why I just had the stream of consciousness above) as I gear up to share with you what’s happening on our broadcast/podcast this week:

You know we’ve been having a lot of young, up-and-coming musicians on the show of late. But far be it from eTown to neglect our elders. This week, we feature two truly legendary artists, a respected folk/rock icon and the first lady of Rockabilly. Quite the combo!

20131208-DSC_9735An exceptional singer/songwriter (and old friend), David Bromberg graces the eTown stage this week (his rendition of his song “I’ll Take You Back” is priceless; he and Nick have a great conversation, too, that you’ll enjoy hearing). He’s a beloved musical artist whose still vibrant career dates back to the early 1960’s.


We’re also so honored to welcome back the legendary ‘queen of rockabilly’ as she’s affectionately referred to, Wanda Jackson. I defy you to name an accomplished professional female artist who is not aware of her significant impact on women in rock n’ roll. She’s definitely a musical idol for so many. And her sound is totally recognizable: as soon as you hear her, you’ll know exactly who she is.

Plus, we’ve got another uplifting eChievement Award story for you, this time about a young woman who’s using perfectly edible food, that would otherwise end up in the landfill, to feed the hungry in her community. Very inspiring stuff.

Join us this week in eTown!