Too Much Month?

DSC_1536“I’ve got too much month, and not enough money.” When I heard G. Love (one of this week’s musical guests) singing this line back at the taping for this week’s episode, it really got me thinking. How many people feel like that on a daily basis? In the song, G. Love doesn’t let it get him down too much, but it hit me hard none-the-less based on my own experiences with that feeling growing up. Watching people like Donald Trump brag about his wealth on national television has become an all too often occurrence in today’s media landscape. He is very proud of himself and his accomplishments. He will let you know how amazing he is (in his own eyes) at any opportunity. But, what about the people in the world that are working hard, putting kindness out in the world, taking care of their families and the people around them? Why do many of them have too much month, and not enough money? Perhaps it is because at the end of it all, while money can buy you a lot of things, and even get you a slot at the podium for political elections these days, it still hasn’t figured out a way to fill your heart or to generate love. When that kind of power is in the wrong hands, you harvest selfishness. It makes me thankful for the people that are willing to go down the harder path – folks like our musical guests that have scraped together pennies during their early years of playing music to keep their dreams alive and bring music (which brings people together) to the world. It also makes me thankful for people like this week’s eChievement Award winner, who built a successful career in real estate, and was living a champagne lifestyle, but saw that he needed to do something more important and impactful for good. All of us can find ways to be like this on the inside, whether it is pursuing an art form, sharing more, smiling more, or finding small and large ways of helping our brothers and sisters around us. We’d all be the better for it. Frankly, I think many of us are growing weary of where this umbilical cord to the Trump mentality is taking us. Let take a step back and take care of the things that matter. Let’s celebrate the fact that we may have too much month. Let’s celebrate that we can wake up each day on a planet that supports our basic needs, and spend our month in the wonders of the good things that are around us. They are all there – beauty, love, kindness, music, art, love. The thing is, you’ll have to turn away from the less important distractions to see them.

DSC_1287We have a great distraction for you this week with our encore broadcast/podcast featuring G. Love, Johnette Napolitano (of Concrete Blonde fame) and a wonderful eChievement Award story. We hope you’ll tune in, give yourself a break from some of the madness, and enjoy some great music and conversation. Don’t worry about your money or the month. We will all be OK.


– Zack