A Royal Flush of Legendary Proportions (Emmylou Harris / Arlo Guthrie / Steve Martin)

It’s one of those places worthy of a pilgrimage if you’ve never been. When I was very young, I used to sit in my grandmother’s attic apartment and listen to my brother’s cassette tape of U2’s live concert that was recorded there. I remember later seeing that same concert on TV and being amazed at how it was raining, and at how the band was nestled in between two enormous rocks. At this point in my life, I hadn’t even been to Colorado. It wasn’t until the late nineties that I made the pilgrimage myself, stood on the stage and yelled – “This is Red Rocks! This is The Edge!”

Bassnectar copyright Tim ReeseFigured it out yet? I’m talking about Red Rocks – one of the most amazing looking and sounding places to see in music on the planet. This week, we’re pulling out a gem from our archives and giving it another go. The show you are about to hear on our broadcast/podcast this week was originally recorded there back in 2012. With the legendary venue as the setting, we are dropping in three legendary entertainers to make it even more HUGE – Emmylou Harris, Arlo Guthrie and Steve Martin and the Steep Canyon Rangers. Yes…that Steve Martin, who happens to also be a pretty amazing banjo player.

Bassnectar copyright Tim ReeseFor the next two weeks you can let your mind take you to this wonderful place, as we’ll air Part 1 of this two-part music and conversation odyssey this week, and will finish it out with the second half next week. In Part 1, you’ll hear Emmylou and Arlo, along with a great eChievement Award story. Next week we’ll go back to Red Rocks to round things out with more from Emmylou, along with some great music and conversation with Steve Martin and the Steep Canyon Rangers.

We hope you’ll enjoy it! Be sure to tune in or podcast. Speaking of podcast, did you know that you can download your favorite eTown episodes as they air for free over in iTunes and keep them forever. Just head to the iTunes store and do a search for “eTown” and you’ll find us.


Enjoy the show!


– Zack