Another Lesson In Less Is More (Sarah Jarosz / Wild Child)

A little bit can go a long way. Many times so much further than “a lot.” An old friend that was my first Afro-Cuban drumming teacher back in the 90’s taught me that, and it has stuck with me ever since. I’m reminded of that lesson time and time again working here at eTown. I hear it come up in conversations with the visiting artists, I hear it in the music some of them share, I see it in the day-to-day operations of the organization, and I am constantly reminded of it when I hear our eChievement Award winners tell their stories about how small efforts and small steps can make a huge difference.

DSC_3061Fittingly this week, we are bringing you two musical guests who take the stage to share music that is stripped down to its bare essentials – and beautiful because of it. Sarah Jarosz has been with us once before, and for her second visit (in this week’s episode) she brings the same small ensemble of musicians she has been traveling with for a while. Each member of this trio is a master of his/her vast domain of sounds and instruments, but none of them over do anything. Her music is sparse and everything is in its right musical place. It’s hard for me to describe, but when you listen to her Sarah’s music (if you are not yet familiar) I think you will know what I mean.

DSC_3202Also with us this week is Austin-based duo Wild Child. They bring equally open music to this week’s episode, but an entirely different mood and vibe lies within their music. The artists this week bring a good balance between introspection and carefree happiness, a recipe that makes for an hour of great programming.

Our eChievement Award winner this week is a voice you may have heard before depending on your age. Stan Brock once co-hosted the popular nature TV program “Wild Kingdom.” He has since stepped away from the limelight, and taken on an initiative to provide free medical care to folks living in remote areas around the world. A HUGE idea that started with a few small steps.

Hope you enjoy the show this week. Check out some of the behind-the-scenes videos from the radio/podcast taping below, and be sure to hit the subscribe button in the video to stay up-to-date with new videos each week.


– Zack