Independence Through and Through – This Week’s Episode

My how the rules have changed, since the dawn of the Internet. It really is amazing how many tools are out there these days that have allowed artists to fully take control of their own destinies. While the Internet has certainly presented the music industry with it’s own set of new challenges, it has also opened the flood gates for the creative ones that may have been told “No” by a powerful label executive just a decade ago.

DSC_0376-EditIn this week’s encore broadcast/podcast we bring you two artists that couldn’t be more different in terms of sound, but very similar in terms of their independent spirit and approach to their craft. First up is Frightened Rabbit, an independent rock band hailing from Scotland. The band got its start when two brothers, Scott and Grant Hutchinson, started making their own recordings, and hitting the clubs to build a following. They quickly developed direct ties to their fans through the Internet – sending demo recordings to anyone who emailed the band asking for them, along with packages of biscuits. Yes, biscuits. Fast-forward 11 years and the band is everywhere, while keeping their independent spirit intact. To me, they remind me a bit of the band Big Country (from the 80’s) but with a harder edge. I loved Big Country, and I loved punk music – so this is the perfect mingling of those two worlds, according to my ears.

DSC_0263-Edit-EditAlso on the show this week is multi-talented singer/songwriter Nataly Dawn. Nataly’s rise to success all started with a home video camera, and a YouTube account. She is one half of the YouTube sensational act, Pomplamoose, but also records and writes on her own as well. The popularity of the duo’s unique twists on popular cover songs propelled the couple to Internet stardom, and now she cements the reputation with original material that is creative, unique and interesting. Nataly is joined by the eTones on a few songs during her portion of the show. I’ve seen Nick and Helen, and the band, back up countless musicians over the years, but this time they really blew me away. You’ll see what I mean if you tune in, podcast, or check out the videos below. Nataly’s songs are out of the ordinary, and are complimented seamlessly with Helen’s spot on backing vocals, Nick’s strings, Chris’s upright bass playing and so on. It was a real pleasure to see the band swing at a curve ball and knock it out of the park!

DSC_0135_2Along with all of the great music and conversation with the artists, we also have a heart-warming eChievement Award story for you this week that I’m sure you’ll all enjoy. Tune in in whatever manner you choose to, and thank the Internet for providing so many new platforms to create and share creativity!


– Zack