Some Serious Music ‘Slinging’ This Week

We’ve been fortunate, here at eTown, to develop relationships with artists over the years that have been coming back, time and time again. Once they come on the show the first time, we like to think that they had a great time, and will come back and join us again. Each taping day goes by quickly, despite the amount of work that goes into it. We work together all day long dialing in what will later become the radio broadcast and podcast. By the end of the night, it feels like one big family. Now that I’ve been with eTown for a few years, I’ve noticed that when artists return, it’s like seeing an old cousin or uncle again. It feels nice to be a part of something like this.

On this week’s show, we have two great artists, and some surprise special guests – none of which have been with us until now. Lot’s of fun was had, and we are excited to share this very special episode with you this week!

IMG-1111First up is Austin-based guitar slinger, Shakey Graves. His real name is Alejandro Rose-Garcia, but he started going by “Shakey” as soon as he started wearing hats. A few other band members have had more challenging nicknames. (Listen to his interview with eTown host Nick Forster, for more on that topic.) Shakey is joined on stage by his drummer Chris Boosahda and bassist Macon Terry, who both lend some tasty chops to Shakey’s juke joint sound. Later in the evening, the taping audience was treated to a very special guest appearance by Denver-based singer, Esme Patterson. Folks around her know her from her work with the popular Folk/Baroque pop group Paper Bird (who bassist Macon Terry is also a part of) but she is now out on tour with Shakey, and the matchup fits like a glove!

IMG-1078Also with us is singer/songwriter Heather Maloney. If you haven’t heard Heather’s music just yet, now is the time. The caliber of songwriting already coming from Heather this early in her career is hard to believe. You’ll hear her joined by the eTones on a few songs, and you’ll also get a taste of how she can command a room as a soloist. One particular moment in the show that will give you chills, is her rendition of Joni Mitchell’s “Woodstock” (Check out the video below).

Each artist offers more insight into their careers and influences during the interview portions with Nick, and we also have a great eChievement Award story about a woman who has found a way to provide educational opportunities for women in parts of the world where those opportunities do not exist.

All in all – a great broadcast/podcast for you this week.

Be sure to check it out!

– Zack