A Musical Meeting – Lucy Rose and Big Al This Week!

We’ve got another great encore broadcast/podcast for you this week, featuring two musical acts that most certainly have never been in the same room before the taping.

IMG-7095First up is singer/songwriter Lucy Rose. For Lucy it was a week of firsts. It was her first visit to eTown, and the taping landed smack dab in the middle of her first tour of America with her band. I had never heard Lucy’s music before that day, and she really blew me away. I wasn’t expecting it. Not to draw comparisons, but if you are a Feist fan (like I am), then you’ll probably really like what Lucy is doing with her music. Her band is solid and talented, and her voice is like a siren sending you to shipwreck.

IMG-7041Also with us is guitar legend Big Al Anderson, who makes another stop in eTown to share some of his latest songs from his prolific songwriting career. If you like country music, the odds are that one of your favorite songs was either written or co-written by Big Al. He’s a songwriting powerhouse, but let’s not forget that he is also one of the nastiest guitar players out there. Most folks know him from his role in NRBQ back in the day, but he is still at it. Big Al almost literally destroys his guitar when it comes time for him to speak a little on it. I have seen strings and parts fly off of guitars during his visits to eTown. He never disappoints!

We also have a great eChievement Award story this week, so all in all you’ve got a great hour of listening to do at some point before we check in again. Be sure to tune in on your favorite radio station, stream the show from our site, or grab the free podcast in iTunes.