A Pair Of Southerners

This week we have two great artists on deck that we think you’ll both enjoy. We are dipping into the musical pools from the two “T” states to bring you a Nashvillian and Austinite. Their stories and pathways are vastly different, but they fit perfectly together in this week’s broadcast/podcast – which was our first taping for 2015 (back in January).

IMG-1002First up, we have Justin Townes Earle, who is back for a second helping of eTown this week. If for whatever reason you do not know, Justin is the son of legendary singer/songwriter Steve Earle, who has also been with us many times. As a musician, it’s not always the coolest thing to live under the shadow of a well-known father or mother who forged the musical path ahead of them. It’s way too easy to immediately compare the art of the two and expect them to be the same – or “live up to the other.” While it might be easier getting noticed by record companies at the early stages of your career based on your last name, it can quickly become harder for folks like this once their foot is in the door. Justin will be the first to talk about the differences he has from his father, and he has clearly taken his own path musically. Can you hear the “Earle” in his songs? Of course you can. But his music is still very much his own. The best part is that his music is also really good.

IMG-1062Also with us is Texas-born singer/songwriter Sam Baker. I had never heard of Sam Baker until a recent interview with NPR’s Terry Gross. If you missed that one, and haven’t heard his story, I won’t spoil it for you now. His interview with Nick is a great moment in conversation that you should definitely check out. He also teams up with the eTones for a few numbers. Sam is a great storyteller and communicator, whether it is through his music or something he shares with you in conversation. He can also serve as an inspiration for anyone who feels like giving up sometimes, or that things are too hard. Why? Listen this week and find out. You’ll be glad you did.

IMG-1117Per usual, we have great eChievement Award story as well. This time, we visit with a woman who has taken old school recycling to the next level with school children.

Be sure to tune in or podcast.

– Z